Guide to remodel your home

Guide to remodel your home

Guide to remodel your home

The place you share with your family is more than the set of walls, floors and ceilings; it is the place where moments, experiences and stories are built.

This means that over time, changes in decoration or distribution of the place are made, so that it adapts to the specific needs and uses given to each space, making the design, the key to achieve the expected comfort and functionality.

At JMP Construction, we are experts in remodeling spaces, based on the specific needs of our customers, making the time to get home, the most satisfying moment of the day.

That’s why we want to share a guide of the important points that you should keep in mind, when making changes to the structure or design of your house.

1. Why remodeling?
Firstable, you must identify the reasons to get into this process, either it be trends or the arrival of a new family member, it is important to identify them, as this will determine the next steps.

2. Magnitude of the changes.
In this step you should identify the spaces that will be part of the remodeling, consider your budget when planning this step, since it is different if only the bathroom or kitchen will be updated, than if you want to update the floors, all bedrooms and why not, perform general maintenance.

In this step, it should also be considered that according to the magnitude of the changes, the family routine can be affected, might need a temporary move or think about sharing certain spaces.

3. Choose the company.
Chemistry is a widely used term when it comes to t relationships, and although remodeling includes a totally professional field, it is important to find a company with which the relationship and communication is fluid, make you feel comfortable and consider your ideas.

At JMP Construction, we have a professional and ethical staff that treat your needs as their own; also our work policy, places us in our clients shoes to provide an efficient, effective and high quality service.

4. Budget and materials.
Once the company is chosen, make sure you get a work plan, a detailed budget and a wide range of materials for you to choose from.

Remember in this step, that the important thing is the functionality of your spaces, but stay receptive to the advice of engineers and / or designers of the company, since these should consider structural aspects that may or may not be modified, to offer the client the best possible results.

5. Support and visits.
Rely on the experience of the company and the professionals chosen to carry out this work; Although as a client it is your right and duty to identify and correct work details at the right time, avoid making changes on the go or stopping the work, as this would represent extra cost for both the client and for the company providing the service. An important advice is, if you are not convinced of the project details, reconcile all the differences before starting the job.

Keeping these 5 steps in mind, will make your project more satisfactory and you will find in the result a space according to your taste and needs.

Remember that at JMP Construction we have customized services to give our customers the best service and quality in the market.

Contact us and find out about the many possibilities we have to offer.

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