Tips to build a house

Tips to build a house

Tips to build a house

At some point in life, we have planned our dream house, the layout, the color, the decoration, floors and even the garden; in the present, some of us probably have had the opportunity to carry it out and as an investment and as a dream, it should not lead to errors.

At JMP Construction we focus on guiding our clients step-by-step on way of achieving their goals, which is why we want to share some tips so build the house of your dreams.

1. Location
When you look for the place to build the house where you want to live and build life memories, consider the location as a main requirement if it is isolated, are there any neighbors, does it have basic services, transportation routes, schools, supermarkets and more.

While the focus is on the location, these amenities or the lack of them can be a determining factor.

2. Design
This point is very important since it must be practical and functional. Distribution, quantity, and size of the environments that you will have, according to its purpose plays a fundamental role in this step.

Be sure to include enough bedrooms with wide space to place furniture and dressers; bathrooms for each family member or with easy access if the case is sharing; kitchen, with furniture and cupboards that fit the need of the person in charge of this area; living room and dining room considering lighting; also corridors, ​​clothes area, balconies, gardens, and others.

3. Decoration
Identify a timeless style that fits the preferences of each family member and meets the necessary functionality requirements.
Every day more trends related to interior decoration are displayed, so having the right advice is essential, but remember that the final decision is in your hands.

4. Materials
Although this is an issue that should be dealt with by the construction company, it is important that you choose a service provider that presents multiple options, ask for several opinions, analyze colors, finishes and other variables you consider important.

5. Permissions
Before starting the project, ask the company that will provide the construction service, to verify the procedures, licenses, permits and related that the government can request.

Preparing and verifying this type of processes will avoid delays; it is always better to postpone the start than stopping the work.

In JMP Construction we have professionals from the construction area, who will be in charge of providing the complete advice to make your project more efficient.

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