The things you should consider when building your house

The things you should consider when building your house

Every day more and more people fulfill their dream of building their home in a sustainable way, which allows them to save energy and contribute to the environment, so JMP wants to give you a guide on what you need to know to build the home you’ve always wanted.

To begin with, you must identify the material in which you are going to build your home. It can be concrete, brick, clay, wood or polyethylene, but you must take good advice to identify the one that will suit your needs and budget.

Once you have the necessary basis to start the construction project you should:

  • Think big: at the beginning, it is necessary that you express all your desires regarding the construction, later and according to the need, these desires can be adjusted, it is better to think big and adjusts than to start with the small and realize a whole project in a non-conformist way.
  • Find an architect: the best option for this is to have one you trust or at least with whom there is chemistry and good communication. Remember that it is with this person that all the details and arrangements of your home will be worked on and you want this person to be in tune with your project.
  • Look for a good work team: you must understand that the construction of your house will be a special moment, more than walls there you will build a life and the memories that will accompany you along the way, and what better than to build those memories from the beginning of your project including the people who make your dream come true, through good stories. Don’t associate your home with stressful, unpleasant or unsatisfying memories.
  • Establish a budget: although we already recommend you to think big, ask your team to help you find the best alternative to achieve everything you want within the budget but without sacrificing the quality and safety of the materials.
  • Imagine: you know the exact model of the house you want to build, imagine the use you will give to each space and start from there to create your personal touch.
  • Fulfilling your obligations: this point is very important as it covers different points, among them:
  • Requesting construction permits: verify that you have the necessary authorization to make the renovations or constructions, we do not want your project to be stopped for not meeting the requirements.

    Notify your neighbors: inform the people around your property that there is a construction work that can be annoying and noisy, it will give you some empathy and will greatly reduce the discontent of your neighbors, additionally, you should verify the boundaries of your field.

    Following these simple steps will make building your dreams more friendly and satisfying.

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