The 4 phases of the remodeling

The 4 phases of the remodeling

If the idea of remodeling your home or office has crossed your mind, but you don’t know where to start, JMP construction offers you a basic guide so you can start with your project.
This guide has as its main objective to optimize the resources you have, from time to money invested.

Phase 1

This stage includes everything that must be taken into account for the development of your idea, that is, to consider the viability of the project.
When we talk about viability we include the budget, design, permits, land or structure capacity, among others, so we must start by knowing very well the space we want to remodel, taking into account its size, distribution of loads, architectural plans of what is built and what we want to build to compare the compatibility of both designs, the legal possibility of making these changes, since in some cases you can think of expanding buildings, for which you must have the appropriate authorization, and finally the budget available for these modifications.

Phase 2

The second stage is one of the most interesting, since in this one the execution plans are made, here the owners or tenants of the space can express their opinion and expectations regarding the remodeling, and therefore reach an agreement on what should be a priority in the construction.
In this one the finishes, spaces, thematic designs and others that can be included within the determined budget for the construction are agreed on.
It is very important to consider both the design trends and the tastes of the tenants, since there must be an agreement between achieving a pleasant but functional space.

Phase 3

This stage consists on the request of budgets, you must be prepared to say your expectations in a repetitive and detailed way so the potential contractors make a proposal adjusted to reality.
It is recommended that during this phase a minimum of 3 proposals are considered and the differential aspects of each proponent are evaluated. Avoid making telephone estimates or relying on the proposals of companies that do not visit the property to be remodeled, since by doing so, you may end up with some extra costs that could have been reduced with the exhaustive analysis of the project at the beginning of the phase.

Phase 4

This last stage refers to the execution of the project, in which all the ideas that were previously agreed upon between the client and the contractor are materialized.
For this, the difficulty of the project must be taken into account to determine the viability of living or working on the site while it is being intervened, or the need for a temporary move.
In either case, consider that your routine will be altered, so the requirements of the construction should be specified during the previous stages, avoiding that within days new requests arise altering the conditions agreed upon with the company executing the remodeling.

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